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My family and I moved to Cambridgeshire from Yorkshire in 1994, myself, my wife and 3 young boys (6, 2 &1). That was 18 years ago and since the boys grew up and got their Independence, we have started to look at what's next, a different challenge?, a new adventure?

It was only a couple of  years ago that we had our first child-free break, one night in a swanky hotel just outside Windsor. We walked a lot and talked a lot, ate well and spent time together, just enjoying our own company. We did the tourist trip around Windsor Castle, sat in street cafes people watching had a thoroughly good weekend. 
Since then, we have tried to escape a couple of times a year,   at home in the UK and in Europe (usually to where we can fly cheaply with a budget airline from Stansted Airport).

We have spent (what feels like) a lifetime working as wage slaves to bring home the pennies to provide for our three boys. Now 20-odd years of parenting later, the boys have grown and I have quit my job (with my wife's support!)...a scary thing to do...and set myself up as self employed, the plan being to make a little cash at this and that, here and there while we discover what happens next. Having experienced life in a different country in our early life together, living for a time in both Italy and Malta, it only feels natural that we are starting to look overseas for our autumn years.

We are not currently travelling, only dreaming, but who knows, one day we may be blogging live from the middle of nowhere, living the life that we have often dreamed of, being totally independant and self funding.

This blog is our first attempt...a first small step into the unknown, to figure out how it works. Some of the experiences are our own, some are observations and some are pure plagiarism!

So......whether you enjoy our blog or not, leave us some feedback and tell us why.

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